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CONNECT FOUR: The VARTA top offer - battery pack with 300 button cells
Artikel-Nr.: 359505
Connect four! In our VARTA set you get a total of 300 of the four most popular button cell types 321, 364, 371 and 377 in a careful selection at an absolutely special price! You save more than 30% compared to the individual prices. Included in the set • 50 x Varta 321 (reference 2325321) • 100 x Varta 364 (reference 2325364) • 50 x Varta 371 (reference 2325371) • 100 x Varta 377 (reference 2325377)
Quartz movement set LP incl. Pointer, sweeping second, ZWL 11mm - especially for record clocks
Artikel-Nr.: 358177
Building a clock from a record - this is the classic among the self-made clocks! The record with its perfectly round shape is ideal as a decorative wall clock. Often standard clockworks are offered for this handicraft project, but due to their size they protrude unattractively from the record or their pointer wavelength or central screw is too long. Matching colored pointers (the records are usually black, so that black pointers are rather counterproductive) are rarely found. With our complete package you can start immediately! So that the record clock runs and looks properly, we have the optimal movement: Clockwork, quartz with SWEEPING SECOND (noiseless) Hand length: 11 mm Hour shaft length: 7.8 mm Center screw: 3.3 mm high Required battery: 1 x 1.5V AA / LR6 / Mignon, our reference 331226 Dimensions of the movement case: 56 x 56 x 16 mm The thickness of the dial should not exceed 1-2 mm, otherwise the screw will no longer work - ideal for record clocks, so that the movement fits perfectly. Delivery including washer, central screw and hanger Delivery including POINTER SET: MINUTE - color red - length 96 mm HOUR - color red - length 63 mm SECOND - color white - length 120 mm
Hermle 2112, HWL 20mm
Artikel-Nr.: 356846
The HERMLE movement 2112 with electronic 4/4 Westminster striking mechanism is ideal for table and wall clocks due to its slim design, but has no pendulum mechanism compared to the HERMLE movement 2214. Dimensions: 75x51x22 mm, ZWL 20 mm Delivery including accessories (hanger, central screw, rubber ring) Exclusively only with us.
Buch Die Großuhr
Artikel-Nr.: 336167
Pendule, Regulator & Co Autor: Klaus Dinger. Alles über Technik, Geschichte, Instandhaltung und Reparatur. Der Autor erklärt ausführlich, wie Großuhren aufgebaut sind, wie ihre Werke funktionieren und was sie überhaupt zu Zeitmessern macht. Besonderheiten Umfassende Anleitungen zur Wartung, Instandhaltung und Pflege sowie solchen Reparaturen, die auch vom Laien durchgeführt werden können. Lieferumfang 220 Seiten mit vielen Farbfotos und Skizzen. Format 17 x 24,5 cm.
Book Basic Skills of the Watchmaker - second, updated edition (only available in German)
Artikel-Nr.: 358343
Exclusive: The "Basic Skills of the Watchmaker - Metalworking Basics of the Watchmaking Profession" is one of the few current new publications for the watchmaking industry. Already in the second, revised edition, August 2021. Only available in German! Basically, specialist books have been reissued as reprints from past decades for years. This is certainly useful and helpful, but none of these books can take current developments into account. There have been no real new releases for years. Now the renowned watchmaker Oliver Hambel (Uhrenpark Hessen) has used the time to write a new book for the industry, which we can offer you exclusively for the trade. "Watchmakers should be able to make almost all parts of a watch from scratch. The necessary metalworking basics should be conveyed in my book," says the author. It is important to pack the work and skills in a contemporary, easily understandable format. On more than 150 pages, Oliver Hambel conveys practical knowledge apart from all too theoretical treatises. The individual chapters are illustrated with plenty of pictures and optimally staged - this is how the theory turns into living instructions for the watchmaker and for everyone who wants to become one or is interested in watchmaking. It is Hambel's way of conveying the basics and the work very closely to practice, which is what makes this book so exciting, instructive and understandable. From the content: • Materials science • Hardening and tempering • Measuring and gauging • The filing • Marking and center punching • The drilling, reaming and countersinking • The turning • Maintenance & treatment of machines • Wear of cutting tools • The knurling • The milling • The grinding & polishing • Joining - fastening options • Forming / cutting • Surface protection • The treatment of sensitive components • And much more Content: 232 pages including many color photos About the author: Oliver Hambel, born in 1995, runs a watchmaker's business in Hessenpark with his partner and specializes in the repair of clocks, old pocket watches and precision mechanical devices as well as the manufacture of all clock parts in-house. In addition, Oliver Hambel, in cooperation with the Hessian Watchmaking School, offers people interested in watches various seminars on all aspects of watchmaking. • Comments from the "watchmaker network" (Facebook): "[...] A very interesting book about watchmaking! The book describes watchmaking very well from today's perspective, it deals with the use of the individual tools and interesting work techniques. A really great book, which I can highly recommend!" "The book manages to give a watchmaker with 35 years of professional experience new knowledge." "I really have to add this to my collection of watchmaking books." "Many, many color photos!" Only available in German!
PREISKNALLER - Spender für Desinfektionsmittel zum Aufstellen
Artikel-Nr.: 355322
Armhebelspender aus hochwertigem, geschliffenen Edelstahl, auch für den Nassbereich und Außenbreich geeignet Ideal zum Platzieren auf Tischen, (Verkaufs-)Theken, Ablagen! Abmessung Grundplatte: ca. 240 x 240mm Gesamthöhe: ca. 370,50mm (inkl. Armhebel) Gesamtlänge Hebel ca. 209mm Armhebel: ca. 170 mm Füllmenge: 1000 ml – mit universellen Spender geeignet für 1 L Flaschen, auswechselbar. Sie können ganz einfach Ihr eigenes Desinfektionsmittel (flüssig) verwenden. Made in Europa
Glass lifter pump Bergeon
Artikel-Nr.: 4410002
For lifting plastic glasses from watertight Monocoque watch glasses. First, the crown and the shaft is pulled off using the supplied crown puller. The end piece matching the tube is placed on the pump. Using the pump, air is pumped into the watch until a pressure is generated which blows the glass upwards from the seat without damaging it.
Protective film for watches - roll with 1000 pcs
Artikel-Nr.: 359391
A top solution that prevents the watch cases and glasses from being scratched during service. The soft labels made of PVC adhesive film can practically be wrapped around the housing and removed again with the comfortable, red tab (so no annoying nibbling off necessary!) Advantage: The film wraps both the watch glass and the case back. Fast, practical and, above all, safe! • There are 1,000 protective films on one roll. • Thickness: 150mµ • Dimensions: 150 x 70 mm • Dimensions of the grip tab approx. 10 x 30 mm Perfect for watch service and workshops
RF Care finger protection self-adhesive - 12 rolls in a box
Artikel-Nr.: 360145
Ideal for all work in the workshop and more! Protects against sharp edges and unpleasant cuts! Are you often plagued by - sometimes bloody - marks on your skin from difficult workshop and household chores? Whether sharp edges, ridges or pointed corners: it is often the small things that cut into the fingers and cause (sometimes bloody) scratches. With the sensational FLUME finger tapes you provide the best protection against annoying cuts and abrasions. The self-adhesive finger protection made of fleece, natural rubber and elastane offers complete flexibility and security. Also to avoid fingerprints on (polished) surfaces! Many possible uses in assembly, in production, in workshop work, in packaging, in the household and much more. Easy to use! PROPERTIES: • Width 2.5 cm x 5 m (stretched) • Cohesive / adheres to itself • Natural rubber, fleece mixture and elastane • Water resistant • Oil resistant • Breathable • Very elastic • No sticking to the skin • Can be torn off by hand • Extremely comfortable to wear • Lasts even under adverse conditions • Easy and quick to use • Minimum shelf life 3 years IDEAL FOR • Workshop (goldsmith and watchmaker work) • Household (e.g. kitchen, garden) • Hobby (e.g. model making) and leisure (sports) • DIY work (e.g. cutting) and handicrafts in general APPLICATION AREAS • Finger and toe plasters • cuts and abrasions • fingertip bandage • To protect against injuries or pressure points • Temporary pressure bandage for heavy bleeding • Stabilization bandage (e.g. capsule, joint) • Relief bandage • For torn fingernails and toenails CONTENT • Large pack of 12 of the popular finger plasters, waterproof, self-adhesive, without residue, highly elastic, extremely flexible and easy to use • Proven quality (Easyplast Med, market leader in Germany's pharmacies)
Vacuum Pick-Up Tool
Artikel-Nr.: 345199
Lightweight, portable and suitable for the picking and placing small components weight up to 50 grams and having a flat surface, dilly packages and surface mount components, etc. Light, handy, practical: The vacuum cleaner is ideal for picking up small components up to 50g with a flat surface. The scope of delivery includes three bathtubs in 4, 6 and 10mm. Simply press the button as you would with a ballpoint pen to evacuate the air, then release the button - the component is picked up. Repeated button press and then part is placed by where you want it to be. Length about 132mm, Ø 10mm.
Brass Pin Vice Set 6pcs, collet to 3,5mm
Artikel-Nr.: 353014
Assortment with 6 pin blocks (double-sided) in clamping ranges up to 3.5mm. Ideal for clamping fine tools and workpieces. Knurled brass handle, can be used on both sides. Different lengths from 7 to 12cm. Delivered in a plastic bag.
HIGH FIVE: The RENATA top offer - battery pack with 250 button cells and € 50 VOUCHER!
Artikel-Nr.: 359775
RENATA AT THE BEST PRICE INCLUDING € 50 GIFTCARD! HIGH FIVE! With our RENATA set you will receive a total of 250 of the five most important button cell types 321, 364, 371, 377 and 395 in a careful selection at a special price AND AT THE SAME TIME WITH YOUR PURCHASE, AN EXCLUSIVE € 50 VOUCHER for our online shop. Included in the set • 20 x Renata 321 • 80 x Renata 364 • 30 x Renata 371s • 110 x Renata 377 • 10 x Renata 395 ORDER the promotional reference 359775 NOW and you will receive all of the above battery types including a voucher! * You will receive the voucher code for 50 € with the delivery of the goods. You can then easily redeem this for your next order in our shop.

Recommended articles

ETT Schnellladelampe für Solar Drive Uhren - ET-99248-LAL03
Artikel-Nr.: 356440
Lieferumfang: 1 LED-Ladelampe, 1 langes Netzkabel (ca. 1,45m lang) mit AC/DC Adapter 240V, Sicherheitsring für einen besseren Halt Sollten Sie versäumt haben, Ihre Uhr zwei Mal pro Jahr voll aufzuladen? So hilft Ihnen die LED Ladelampe, die entweder über USB-Kabel angeschlossen werden kann oder über einen Adapterstecker für Netzbetrieb. Für alle ETT Funk Solar Drive Modelle Beleuchtungsstärke: 6.000 oder 20.000 Lux (frei wählbar)
Beautiful Watch Box for 10 watches
Artikel-Nr.: 331886
Beautiful Watch Box with imitation elmwood finish. The handmade box holds: 10 wristwatch compartments with pillows underneath a lid, a drawer with five compartments for watches and straps as well as a pocket for jewellery, etc., on the underside of the lid. Size: 30 x 18.5 x 10.5 cm
Glass / mosaic adhesive transparent, 100g
Artikel-Nr.: 359446
Fantastic, transparent glue for making jewelry, but also many other uses. With this transparent adhesive, mosaic stones made of glass, ceramics, stone and plastic are glued quickly and safely to all hard, non-absorbent surfaces, e.g. glass, lacquered wooden surfaces, plastic, metal, ceramics and porcelain. Due to the adhesive power of the glue, vertical glass parts can also be covered quickly and safely with mosaic stones and glued in such a way that they do not slip off after the adhesive liquid has been applied to the mosaic stones. This adhesive technique is very economical as it only requires a small amount of glue and at the same time ensures great adhesion to the glass surface. • High viscosity • Adhesive substance: fast-acting adhesive emulsion, produced on the basis of acrylic acid ester in conjunction with calcium carbonate, which causes a quick adhesive bond and effect. • Application tip: Transparent drying universal adhesive, which is ideally suited for the secure bonding of glass, ceramic, plastic and natural stones as well as for wood and metal • Material consumption approx. 125 to 140 g / m² • Hardening: Fast adhesion after 20 to 40 minutes, final hardening after 8 to 12 hours • Tool cleaning: water • CLP classification: Free of harmful substances - not subject to the GHS regulation Made in Germany
Nitril gloves premium, size M
Artikel-Nr.: 354434
Nitrile gloves premium - Color white - Purity classes ISO 6, ISO 7 C, ISO 8 D, ISO 9 - Not sterile - Material nitrile Ambidextrous, non-sterile, disposable product with rolled edge and brushed fingertips. - Cover the hands - Examination, care, hygiene, laboratory and industrial areas - Also suitable for HACCP purposes - CE according to MPG - Directive 93/42 / EEC + 2007/47 / EC - Class 1 product - Clearance declaration for short-term contact with food - High quality nitrile rubber (NBR), stable, stretchy - Finger: approx. 0.11 mm (approx. 0.01 mm) - Palm: approx.0.09 mm (approx.0.01 mm) - Edge: approx.0.07 mm (approx.0.01 mm) - Free of wax, thiuram, latex, silicone, plasticizers - powder-free Size information (approx. 10 mm) Reference 354434 - M approx. 95 x 240 mm Reference 354435 - L approx. 110 x 240 mm Reference 354436 - XL approx. 115 x 240 mm Color white PU: 100 pcs. / Dispenser box
Watchmaker table RF Ergo with hydraulic crank adjustment
Artikel-Nr.: 321059
- 3D armrests with grey faux leather cover - Extension plate and filing wedge under the worktop, with shutter compartment below - 1 drawer container 04 with 6 solid wood drawers and full extensions - 1 drawer container 02 with 2 solid wood drawers and
Kombiwalze Olivia C130
Artikel-Nr.: 361120
Die neue Olivia Kombiwalze mit einzigartem, zum Patent angemeldeten 50:1-Getriebe und revolutionärem Design: So einfach war Walzen nie! Dank "Easy Glide" - ob im Stehen oder Sitzen, diese Walze setzt neue Maßstäbe. Die Olivia C130 Kombiwalze eignet sich für Flachmetalle, Draht und halbrunden Draht (unter Verwendung der Seitenverlängerung) • Einfache Bedienung im Stehen oder Sitzen über das vordere Drehrad • 50:1 Untersetzung • Walzenbreite: 130 mm • Walzen-Ø: 60 mm • Blechstärke: max. 6 mm • Blechbreite: max. 75 mm • Vierkant-Drahtstärken: 1 - 8 mm • Drahteinstiche: 11 • Untersetzung: 50:1 • Halbrundprofil: 4 - 3 - 2 - 1,5 mm Natürlich mit dem berühmten Durston Qualitätsversprechen: • solider, stabiler Gusskörper, • klassisches, hochkalibriertes Einstellrad • gewährleistet lebenlanges Walzen mit professionellen Ergebnissen Das 50-1-Getriebe macht das Auswalzen von Material sehr viel einfacher. Es sind 50 Umdrehungen des Handrads erforderlich, um die Walzen einmal zu drehen. Das Getriebe und das Handrad wurden so konzipiert, dass sie zusammenarbeiten und das Drehen so viel leichter wird. Im Ergebnis kann das Handrad bis zu zehnmal schneller gedreht werden als bei Standard-Walzen mit einer 4:1-Untersetzung. Besondere Vorteile der Olivia-Walzen: • Ideal für Menschen mit Rückenproblemen, Behinderungen oder für Menschen, denen es schwerfällt, sich zu bewegen oder für längere Zeit aufzustehen. • Ideal für kleinere Menschen oder für diejenigen, denen die Bewegung mit langen Armen schwer fällt. • Erhöhte Produktivität. Jetzt können Sie von der Werkbank zum Walzwerk wechseln, ohne aufzustehen und sich durch den Raum zu bewegen. • Kompakt: Alles in einem Gerät, das keinen zusätzlichen Platz zum Drehen benötigt. • Jetzt können Sie Ihr Walzwerk an jeder beliebigen Stelle des Arbeitstisches platzieren. Sie müssen es nicht mehr am Ende platzieren. • Gleichmäßigerer Betrieb für ein besser gewalztes Produkt. • Hervorragend geeignet für Rollendruck, da mehr Spannung aufgebracht werden kann. Sehen Sie die großartige Olivia-Story im Kategorie-Video! Maße: 220mm Länge x 490mm Breite x 540mm Höhe Gewicht: ca. 70kg
UHU LED-Light Booster 3g
Artikel-Nr.: 344716
Aluminium tube, filled with a unique cyano formula with UV indiator High quality blue light LED: exclusive design, including 2 batteries, safe-standing The light-activated repair adhesive: Cures completely in 5 seconds Ultra fast glueing on command provides ultra-strong bonds bands, fills and seals works on all materials (except: PE, PP, PTFE) extremely easy to apply for immediate gap-filling repairs safe-standing concept of tube and lamp no hazard declaration reasonable price
Watch movement quartz Ronda 1063, hour H 1.03 SC
Artikel-Nr.: 5121-104408
Watch movement quartz Ronda 1063, hour H 1.03 SC
Micromotor with handpiece Foredom
Artikel-Nr.: 216804
Handpiece with vibration-free true run and low noise levels. Motor with great torque and electronically controlled power. Automatic protection system against overvoltage. The control unit can be switched between foot and hand control. Switchable between forward/reverse operation. 230 V / 50 Hz, 85 Watts. Includes: Control unit with space-saving housing Footswitch for stepless speed control Handpiece (208 g) with collet 2,35 mm and support Replacement carbon brushes for handpiece
Glass container, black Wieland
Artikel-Nr.: 4591025
Glass container, black Wieland
Kornzange mit Kunststoffspitzen
Artikel-Nr.: 353550
Exzellente, hochwertige Kornzange aus Japan mit Elastomer-Kunststoff-Spitzen. Gefühlvolles, einfaches und sicheres Fassen bzw. Greifen von Steinen ohne Angst vor Beschädigung! Besonders geeignet als Steinpinzette oder Perlenpinzette, z.B. fürs Perlknüpfen. Auch für Uhrmacher äußerst interessant! Top-Qualität: - Extrem gute Haftung an Steinen etc. - mit nur leichtem Druck können Kleinstteile absolut sicher gehalten werden! - Perfekt für Diamanten - Auch weiche Steine, Korallen, Perlschnüren sowie polierte, galvanisierte Oberflächen, Vergoldungen, Rhodinierungen können problemlos und ohne Gefahr der einer Beschädigung aufgenommen werden! - Kinderleichter Batteriewechsel, da nicht leitfähig! (antistatisch) - Maximale Öffnung der Spitzen: ca. 10mm - Gesamtlänge: 125mm - Länge Elastomer-Spitze: 48mm - Sehr handlich & praktisch - Hochwertige Qualität made in Japan
Glass adhesive Minecol
Artikel-Nr.: 4640207
Special adhesive for mineral glass in a tube syringe. Cures under UV lamp.
Watchmaker's loupe 2.5x biconvex lens Bergeon - special edition in pink
Artikel-Nr.: 360835
Finally a colorful workbench! Magnifying glass with 2.5x magnification in pink - for the touch of "extravagance" and "freshness" at work. Swiss Made quality from BERGEON With a corrugated aluminum ring Strongly limited special edition - only while stocks last
Die neue TOWN TALK BROSCHÜRE - das gesamte Sortiment
Artikel-Nr.: 341845
Auf 16 Seiten alles von TOWN TALK im besten Überblick: Ob Silber- oder Goldreinigungsmittel, ob Pflege für Holz, Haushalt oder Möbel, ob Reiniger für Edelstahl, Perlen oder Leder - in der neuen TOWN TALK Broschüre finden Sie das gesamte, großartige Sortiment der einzigartigen Pflegemittel von TOWN TALK. Seit mehr als 120 Jahren kümmert sich Mr. TOWN TALK um gründlichste Reinigung, hohen Glanz und besten Anlaufschutz für viele Materialien in Werkstatt und Zuhause. Das einzigartige, einheitliche Prpduktdesign sorgt für hohen Wiedererkennungswert und erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit. Im Vergleich zu anderen Marktteilnehmern brilliert Mr. TOWN TALK mit einem überragenden Preis-/ Leistungsverhältnis und ist pro Basiseinheit wesentlich günstiger als andere, vergleichbare Produkte. Attraktive Margen garantieren einen erfolgreichen Weiterverkauf, insbesondere da die Marke keinem Preisdumping auf Internetplattformen oder Discountern ausgesetzt ist. Mr. TOWN TALK ist dauerhaft günstig und sofort lieferbar. Besonders Wert gelegt wird bei Mr. TOWN TALK auf Umweltverträglichkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Natur- und Tierschutz: - Herstellung der Produkte ohne Tierversuche - (Fast) alle Produkte sind biologisch abbau und ungiftig - Die Produkte sind ausschließlich mit natürlichen, ätherischen Ölen parfürmiert - Alle Inhaltsstoffe sind ausschließlich auf natürlicher Basis aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen - Beste Haut- und Umweltverträglichkeit - Alle Pflegetücher ohne Chemie- oder sonstige Zusätze - Die komplette Verpackung, inklusive Dosen, sind aus 100% recycelten Materialien. GLÄNZEN SIE MIT ORIGINAL MR. TOWN TALK PRODUKTEN, ÜBERZEUGEN SIE SICH VON "FINE PRODUCTS FROM THE POLISHED GENTLEMAN". Britische Qualität seit 1895. JETZT DIE BROSCHÜRE ANFORDERN oder downloaden.
Reprint: Flume Anniversary catalogue 1887-1912, Chapter I & II
Artikel-Nr.: 342965
The bible for watchmaker and goldsmiths now available as highquality re-issue! In 1912, when this catalogue was released, it was a worldwide sensation. It was the first book that contains all products with detailed information for watchmaker and goldsmiths. This book, we created new in co-operation with Florian Stern, a specialists for historical watch books, is a real treasure trove for all watch enthusiast and an informative and existing reading. 1148 pages
Task light UNILED II UHRMACHER 19 watts - with shortened arm especially for short tables
Artikel-Nr.: 360780
LED work table lamp UNILED II Watchmaker "made in Germany". • With shortened arm for tables up to 600mm UNILED II Watchmaker with table clamp, 100 ° beam angle - 19 watts, 230V AC Characteristics: - High quality aluminum spring arm with 3D head joint - Ergonomic handling - Highly efficient LEDs - Very good lighting conditions - Head and articulated arm can be swiveled and locked in any position - Aluminum head and heat dissipation to the back - Excellent ergonomics - Homogeneous, shadow-free and glare-free illumination • SPECIALLY DEVELOPED for the goldsmith and watchmaker sector • Particularly recommended for dental laboratories, manual workplaces Head length: 380mm Arm length: 250mm Power: approx. 19 watts Daylight white (5,200K - 5,700K) Delivery including power supply unit and table clamp
ETT Fast Charging Lamp for Solar Drive Watches
Artikel-Nr.: 343315
Scope of delivery: LED charging lamp, 1 USB cable, 1 USB adapter plug for mains operation If you have failed to fully charge your watch twice a year, the LED charging lamp will help you, which can either be connected via a USB cable or via an adapter plug for mains operation. For all ETT radio solar drive models Illuminance 30,000 lux

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